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5 dot balls and a 6? Or 6 balls peppered with dots, singles, doubles

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

The moment I made up my mind to come out from the “other side”; the next-second got busy into what’s the next thing. Several ideas, and several discussions with friends, ex-colleagues and advisors. A lot of times, things went into, “Let’s do something big, yaar”.  The “big-ness” got defined by the size of consumers who could potentially use the product, as in “Let’s do something big on facebook (as a platform)” or “Let’s do the next big thing in mobile” instead of the size of the impact the solution could have on the customers.

In an effort to rationalize, tweeted the title of this post and bang came some great replies:

@brij said:

@1ndus you are on the crease. playing. that’s usually enough. Take a proper stance and cover your assets with a nice AD guard!

Another one by @zenx:

@1ndus Test match hai dude. Think sessions, not overs, even as you capitalize on the loose deliveries!

Finally, @riteshagar suggested:

@1ndus Simple think. Do as @sachin_rt does. Care only for the next ball; not for overs, innings or sessions !

There is a shift happening, although the day dreams of creating an 800-pound gorilla still persist, but the execution has become very pragmatic. This recent Techcrunch post by @petersims further nails it:

Don’t Bet Big. Little Bets Are The Ones That Turn Into Billion-Dollar Ideas

RIP, Sixer in every over. Welcome, six runs on six well-played balls.