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Linksys’ stupid LiveChat service

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Here’s the chat transcript with Linksys support. I was looking for a driver of the Wireless Network Adapter WPC55AG v1.2, which I couldn’t find any where. Usually, I’m the last one to contact support.
Mechelle R. (10342): Hi, my name is Mechelle R. (10342). How may I help you?
Unknown: Hi,
Unknown: Unable to find the driver for wpc55ag v1.2
Unknown: I tried from the downloads
Mechelle R. (10342): Before we begin, I need to ask a few questions that will help me assist you better.
Unknown: sure
Mechelle R. (10342): May I have your full name?
Unknown: Why that’s necessary? Does it help you to find the answer I’m looing for?
Mechelle R. (10342): This is for documentation purposes.
Unknown: Sorry, I’m not going to give my name.. (purposefuly nasty here, so that I get sthg. right away)
Mechelle R. (10342): It’s okay.
Mechelle R. (10342): May I have your phone number starting with the area code?
(What stupidity, LinkSys is asking for Phone Number now)
Unknown: Please, if you can provide support without asking me for personal questions, great…otherwise thanks for having me pony up 100 bucks at the store..
(I lied here, the Network Adapter came for free from a buddy)
Mechelle R. (10342): I apologize for that, but we need it also for future reference.
Unknown: …and there is no way without that?
Mechelle R. (10342): Okay.
Mechelle R. (10342): Anyway, would it be okay if I call you Khaitan since you didn’t give your name?
(How did they get my name? There was form which had first name/last name and phone number. Why can’t the pickup the name from there? The Phone number was not required in that form)
Unknown: i’m hanging up and gonna send it to some of the bloggers about cisco’s poor service — it’s been 5 mins and you are still trying to personalize this session instead of providing answers…totally useless
(Nasty me here)
Mechelle R. (10342): I do apologize for the inconvenience. We just want to verify.
Unknown: verify what?
Mechelle R. (10342): Okay then.
I close the chat window here.
Bunch of BS and nothing else. Total time spent 6m, 34 seconds. Problems Solved = 0. The Wireless Adapter is going back to it’s owner.