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Cartoon Poking Fun at TechCrunch 53,651

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Josh Kopelman has a very interesting post (more than a month old) called 53,651. This is the number of feed subscribers (as of 5/12/06, when Josh authored the post) to Mike Arrington’s Tech Crunch blog. Right now the number is 79,175!
If something gets reviewed, the site gets Tech Crunch’ed and gets easy 10-15 thousand subscribers who jump on it to try that “thing” out. These users then slowly fade away in oblivion and become irrelevant. However, it has become very important for any Web 2.0 “startup” or initiative to be Tech Crunch’ed to get noticed in front of investors, employees, future partners, etc. Here’s my take on it (illustrations by Ali):

Mike is waiting for yet another Web2.0 company…
…and the 800 or so Web2.0 startups vying to get their share of beta-users from TechCrunch feed-base