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Mine is a SaaS startup. We do…

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Scratch that. Delete that title.

Start with “Mine is a <insert product here like, finance, healthcare, etc> startup.” The only time you are a SaaS startup when you are solving a fundamental SaaS need like billing, metering, security, auditing, etc. It has become a fashion to use the latest technology to pitch your business and has been successful like, “We are <Java/Web2.0/SaaS/cloud/blah startup”.

Don’t move with fads.  India does not need fads.  India needs products.

The average consumer does not understand the technology stack. They need a solution. Whether the product uses cloud, SaaS, Java, Visual Basic — the consumer hardly cares. If it solves a need and must be on the internet then it does not matter whether it’s SaaS or BaaP or cloud.