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Bar Camping at San Francisco

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

About 150 geeks got together this weekend at Microsoft’s San Francisco office for sleeping bagging. Free food, drinks, plenty of booze and schwag. This was a free event (not even a single dime!). I was able to have better offline discussions with peers than I had at ETech. The food, drinks, booze etc. were quietly delivered by the sponsors without a single marketing pitch. Remember those blah-blah sessions from the sponsors of the “paid” events!
Nima Dilmaghani who is a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft was the host of the event. Hats off to him for standing up and getting this place for us! I’m impressed; Microsoft allowing 150 unknown people, with unknown “police” credentials, to use their facilities, conference rooms, showers, etc. etc. for 48 hours.
Left-to-Right: Chris Bauman of, Indus(me) and Nima at Microsoft's San Francisco location during Barcamp 2006
Left-to-Right: Chris Bauman of, Indus(me) and Nima at Microsoft during BarCamp
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Un-conferencing at Bar Camp San Francisco

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Just signed up as a camper for the San Francisco Bar Camp, scheduled for 6/24-6/25. Saw Thor Muller‘s name there. I’ve worked for Thor in the past for a consulting gig 7 years ago, when Thor was the CEO of Trapezo. Moreover, after seeing his pic, I realized that I saw him at ETech earlier this year and was stupid enough to not recognize him. (Thor — I’m the Indian guy who use to shoot trivia questions over pizza slices dipped in ketchup!)
Update: Signed up to do some helping out at the camp.