Bar Camping at San Francisco

About 150 geeks got together this weekend at Microsoft’s San Francisco office for sleeping bagging. Free food, drinks, plenty of booze and schwag. This was a free event (not even a single dime!). I was able to have better offline discussions with peers than I had at ETech. The food, drinks, booze etc. were quietly delivered by the sponsors without a single marketing pitch. Remember those blah-blah sessions from the sponsors of the “paid” events!
Nima Dilmaghani who is a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft was the host of the event. Hats off to him for standing up and getting this place for us! I’m impressed; Microsoft allowing 150 unknown people, with unknown “police” credentials, to use their facilities, conference rooms, showers, etc. etc. for 48 hours.
Left-to-Right: Chris Bauman of, Indus(me) and Nima at Microsoft's San Francisco location during Barcamp 2006
Left-to-Right: Chris Bauman of, Indus(me) and Nima at Microsoft during BarCamp
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