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The down day hack–Reminiscing your last day e-mail from an earlier job

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

The startup experience is a collection of up and down moments–whether you are a founder or not. The moment you commit yourself to a cause, it’s no longer a compartment of your brain which can be turned off. A few days ago, I had a down day which lasted 24-ish hours, but luckily I chanced upon something which brought me back from gloom.

While looking for a random message, I found an e-mail which I sent while leaving Oracle, earlier this year in March. Reading that thread and re-collecting the love people gave after I sent that note warmed my heart. Thanks to the lovely messages, I was back to drinking virgin Pina Colada!

I never thought I’d ever publish this e-mail outside, but here it is, slightly redacted.