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Collaborative ranking? Orkut + Google = Orkut TrustRank

Friday, February 6th, 2004

Google acquired Outride in the summer of 2001. An article published in March 6, 2001, issue of Red Herring magazine[Google cache] reads,”…it has built a revolutionary, individualized search technology, unlike competitors that personalize searches based on groups of users or on user-specified preferences…”.
Now, Orkut is community. People related to each other. How would PageRank algorithm be re-written using Orkut? Alice is part of Orkut. Bob is few hops to Alice. Bob makes a search. OK. The search results are page ranked. The ranks then get a multiplicative factor(say a Trust Factor). The final output has Alice’s link on top.
Makes sense? Maybe it doesn’t. Google only has 3.3 billion pages indexed today. A search on George Bush returns 6,470,000 results. But then,who thought about e-mail spam when RFC 821 was drafted in 1982.