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The abundance of news & why I like the idea of ‘The Daily’ on the tablet

Monday, February 7th, 2011

The newspaper is the best curated medium for news. My current weekly dose of news consists of over 10 online sources and 3 print newspapers in Bangalore. The problem with online is duplicate stories; essentially everybody adding their 2 cents worth on the base story and repeating the main content. That’s why I like the newspaper, delayed but comprehensive. And definitely, not personalized. It also contains a lot of junk which I don’t wanna read but does an okay job of giving me what I should read.

Delayed? Don’t think there is a problem with delayed as most of us don’t consume from the real-time fire-hose, but catchup the feeds slowly over the week.

When Rupert Murdoch announced ‘The Daily’, a daily digital newspaper for the iPad, it was derided by many, who said, “Who wants delayed news these days?” Though, the current version of app is buggy and only available on iPad, but, this is a good start in reducing the information overload.

Here’s the super bowl commercial announcing it’s nationwide launch.

Why I like it?

  • Delayed relaxed reading of news on the tablet, rather than chasing of ever scrolling feeds
  • Like a newspaper, but digital. Opportunity to personalize. Food, Wine, Travel, Delete. Comics, Technology, Politics? Double-it. Ditto for other categories
  • This is the best digital version of a newspaper, rather than the slow loading, ill-fitting e-Papers
  • Better curation than everybody linking to the same story in real-time

I do not have iPad, and eagerly waiting for the Android version. Until then, reading it via this.

Can you solve some email problems for the world?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Email is overloaded. Too many emails, too little time. We still consume email as if it is 1995! I am personally averaging two apologies per week to people whom I have failed to respond in time. email_overload_alerts

Gmail has solved spam issues to a large extent for it’s users, other email providers are still struggling with spam.

More than spam, it’s missing of legit emails which is bothersome.

We at Morpheus have some ideas and are looking for a few smart techies to solve a few problems around reducing the email overload.

Do you think you can solve a few? Then apply to The Morpheus program. You must be a guru in all of the following POP, IMAP, Hypertable/BigTable, Javascript, Java, PHP, and you walk on HTTP, web security standards, Firefox/Chrome Plugins, REST-ful APIs in your dream. Send some cool code of problems you have solved in the past and your vision around solving some of the issues related to user experience, information overload, organization, closing the loop, etc. and we may work with you in the next 4 months (and also put some money) to bring the product to life for the global technology market.

Are you game? Come discuss with us.

Update: It is the company we help you build. You are the founder/CEO whatever.  Thought we should clarify that we are not looking for someone to just “code”.