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365 Connections

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

feynman-diagram-tattoo-1In the last 24 months or so after being ensconced in Bangalore’s weather, complaining about it at times, I lost touch with people.

Don’t take that statement literally. I have met or chatted with 500+ entrepreneurs and added 1500+ connections. A lot of these discussions were single-shot.

While I added these “connections”, I lost touch with many whom I could have continued to maintain the links. Old friends, colleagues, extended family. A lot of new connections I could have solidified from the single-shot to people where there is an ongoing life-long conversation. It never happened. I was too busy being on the altar. There are emails waiting for my replies, there are unopened facebook pings and others I have ignored totally. This is bad and weakening.

On one side, I was (and continues today) gathering lots of “connections”, on the other, the stronger sub-graphs are being rendered non-traversable. I fear they would become weaker as life goes on.

Yesterday night, I decided to rework the connections. Today, few hours ago, I did the 1st call and shall continue everyday. If you happen to get a call from me, totally out of blue, it’s not that I’m bean counting, but I do care about re-strengthening the connection.

The picture is the famous Feynman diagram (someone¬†tattooed¬†it in his arm!); where an electron traveling from Point A to Point B happens to bump into a photon and is found to be at two places at the same time. Guess, as humans, we don’t need that subatomic experiment and want to be found at only one place at one time! Picture via talklikeaphysicist.