Poet Kabir on mentorship

I was reading some Hindi literature over the weekend. Found this doha (a kind of verse) from the great Indian poet Kabir on mentorship.

Kabirdas-ji says:

तारा मंडल वैसि करि, चंद बड़ाई खाई |

उदए भया जब सूर का, स्यूं तारां छिपि जाई ||

Shall update with the translation sometime later. Why don’t you attempt translating this in the comment section?

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  • Sandeep Lodha

    Well the literal meaning here could be ” Stars could be seen in the night sky even thou the moon signs good but during the day Sun makes sure that you can not see a star”. In mentor-ship context probably you still need to explain.

  • indus

    Here it is, translated from Kabir Granthawali (in Hindi):

    “Amongst people with ordinary knowledge (stars), a knowledgeable person (moon) gets praised like the moon. When the real person (sun) comes out, the moon hides along with the stars. Thus happens, when there are no people of knowledge around.”

  • Anupam Bahadur

    Translation (arth) – When the moon is around, the tiny stars shine brightly and think of themselves as mighty but as soon as the sun appears on horizon, the stars disappear.
    Meaning (bhavarth) – Learn to be humble. You are considered good only as long as somebody better is not around. 🙂

  • Sandeep Lodha

    Got it, now who is the mentor here?

  • indus


  • indus

    Good. this could be another interpretation.
    Kabir das-ji never said what he meant, he just wrote..the literary veterans interpreted!!

  • Guest

    Isn't the verse like this..

    Tara mandal baithke, Chandra badai pai
    Uday bhaya jab Suryaka, sab tara chhoop jai

    which means..

    The moon was boasting about his light in the association of some stars; but when the sun arose in the sky, all stars ran away from the moon.