Code is not Poetry

Code is not Poetry. Code is the vocals which you give in a band.

Poetry is easy.

Poetry is abstract. People are free to interpret the way they want to.

Poetry is solo, works in solo. It’s a lone ranger.

Poetry does not have an audience, it has readership.


Gone are the days. Now, code is written in unison, gets orchestrated around an array of moving parts. Like a good piece of code, the output of vocals depends on the rest of the band and so does the success of the band depends on good vocals. Vocals works in an ecosystem, has dependencies on other pieces and can come out good or bad. Vocals are binary. It has audience. Vocalists perform theatrics with their body and/or with their voice.

Vocals have animation, movement, a flow.

Vocals have salesmanship, show-off and communication.

Poetry works alone, a piece of code does not.

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