Polishing the boots again for yet another trek

No, I’m not hanging up the boots. Just polishing it again for a yet another trek.

On one side, I was having way too much fun talking to young entrepreneurs, speaking at events, giving gyaan, moderating panels, doing Friday sessions  at Leela, etc etc. Then I was getting rusted. The brain was getting claustrophobic, not getting into action. Hence decided to take the plunge again. I wanted to come out and write some code, do a few apps here and there, before figuring out what to do next.

bootsIt has been an awesome ride at Morpheus. We recently did the 2nd demo day (and the 1st Open Gurukul) at Bangalore, which was attended by 35 investors and 100+ entrepreneurs. Unforgettable, how the 2 years quickly passed. Portfolio swelled to 33, companies got funded, another half-a-dozen raised subsequent angel rounds (a lot of them not disclosed, yet). Even chased chickens at the Morpheus Gurukul last year.

Sameer (@guglanisam) & Nandini (@nandinih) are doing an awesome job, keeping the baton while I move on. I’ll be around in a limited professional capacity at Morpheus.

So It begins again for me. What I’m doing next? Honestly, dunno 100%. I have some ideas what to do next, but don’t ask Jyoti (my wife), she knows what should I do next!

If you are an entrepreneur and if I have ever bought you a tea/coffee, c’mon pay me back with a beer now 🙂

This blog post was not suppose to happen for another 15-20 days, but the news of the transition got picked up by VCCircle/Techcircle.

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