vs. Delicious Toolbar buttons: Keeping logged in

Delicious launched a new version a few days ago. All good, new features, etc. etc. But, I liked it’s simple interface — just Tag the things you visit and save it for future use. What else is needed when you wanna bookmark.

The new IE7 Toolbar buttons are way too much — like recently visited links, and a lot of new features which I don’t necessarily need. So, I wanted to keep using the old toolbar buttons — but it won’t work! Everytime I try to bookmark a page, it will force an account sign-in for a new session 🙁

Here’s how to keep using the old IE7 Toolbar buttons without the pesky sign-in:

  1. Install the new toolbar buttons on IE7 (the install process itself is quirky). Do not uninstall the old toolbar buttons
  2. Sign in to using our account via the new IE7 buttons
  3. Hide the new buttons (forever)
  4. Keep using the old ones without any trouble