Google engineers convey world dominance in encoded URL of search experiment

Several blogs are reporting about Google experimenting with Digg-style voting of search results. What I found intriguing is the URL of the experiment. Here it is unhyperlinked:
Look at the last part. It reads “a840e102” which looks like some encoded message where the engineers are trying to convey their world dominance. Here is a screen shot of an analysis of probable meanings. I like the cannabis one :D)

You can read some of them as:

  1. A twice the dose of cannabis produces 100 times better search experience
  2. A unifying-democratizing way of producing a 100 times better search experience. Just like the Tibetan script Phagspa unified the various languages
  3. 840 is one of the smallest composite number with 32 divisors. Shows the technical prowess of one of the algorithms employed in the experiment or maybe just dump of a highly complex issue in maths, just like they used the value of Pi in their IPO


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