Blogging as Therapy

BlogBurst asked the question, Why Do you Blog?. The reply is simple:
1. Blogging is a therapy. It releases the creative demons hitting the neuron walls
2. Share with world what you can’t share during your day schedule. Ideas, theories, commentaries keep running across the mind while you are meeting someone, or in a shower, or even while writing this post. Not all the ideas are shareable at that point in time, mainly due to context. You want to release the ideas in the wilderness so that room can be made for more new fresh ideas
3. Writing a few paragraphs is good, it makes you think, articulate and put the thoughts into the context of what other people are thinking/talking
4. It’s your public resume without your employment or education history
5. It’s your social hangout
… and the last one, a lot of people are now blogging for money!

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