13 Good Reasons to Switch to FireFox

This Web site is on a crusade to destroy the prowess of Internet Explorer. This guy needs to “beta” IE7 to make a fair assumption — The upcoming release of new IE browser has the necessary ingredients to challenge FireFox, viz. Tabbed Browsing, Security enhancements, RSS reader, built-in pop-up blocker, etc. etc. I like Firefox ‘coz of Greasemonkey, Javascript Shell, DOM Inspector, Platypus and plethora of other handy development tools. Top most is Firefox’s DOM Level 2 & CSS compatibility matrix, on which IE has mostly sucked so far. The worse is IE’s event handling model, which probably is getting a facelift with IE7. The IE7 development team has also promised to ease the pain of managing browser compatibility with IE7 (What about IE 5.5/6.0!?!)
It’s truly amazing that the IE7 team has been listening to all the feedback the blogging community is feeding them. They are even working on a Firefox plugin for Windows Vista! Microsoft has realized that there is a much better way to win.
… But, then there is Flock to challenge both IE 7 and Firefox.
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