Who’s next on Google Hiring Radar?

Cerf, Apple’s Andy Hertzfeld, Alta Vista founder Louis Monier, Adam Bosworth of BEA/Crossgain, Mac Mozilla Chief Mike Pinkerton, FireFox Lead Engineer Ben Goodger, Java evangelist Joshua Bloch, Microsoft Windows architect Marc Lucovsky, UTF-8 co-creator and original Unix team member Rob Pike, the list goes on and on. Google is hiring the who’s who of the software programming world — people whose text books students read and software evangelists whose products we install.
With DEC Labs gone, XEROX PARC being reborn as Parc, Inc and now the deptt. which invented UNIX at Bell Labs on the chopping block; Google is giving them a breather/opportunity to continue the advancements in software.
Well, Google is not just doing search but also re-search on how to own the content and the content delivery framework.
Next (sometime in a future post): Why Google might buy Akamai?

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