The Age of Engagement: Mary Meeker at AD:TECH 2005

via Corante, Emergic.
Mary Meeker, the venerable analyst at Morgan Stanely presented at the AD:TECH conference in San Francisco. According to Meeker, the Internet has “nowhere to go but up.” The session was packed with datapoints:

  • Google:5b global searches (+62% YOY, 2/05); 355m global unique visitors(+36% YOY, 2/05)
  • Broadband:135m global subscribers (+51% YOY); 35m in America; 63m in Asia
  • Yahoo!:917m multimedia streams; 40m My Yahoo! users
  • Digital Music:300m cumulative iTunes; 16m iPods
  • Blogging:27% of US Internet users read blogs
  • Wireless Internet:196m messaging subscribers in China; No. 1 in world
  • VoIP:33m registered users (4/05)
  • Shanda Networking:2m peak concurrent online gamers in China
  • PayPal:72m accounts (+57% YOY); 22m users
  • Broadband:S Korea broadband penetration of 70%; No. 1 in world
  • Ad Spend: Internet Ad Spend at $120 per home vs. $898 for Newspapers

However, the Big Media Channels are Going down:

  • Music: 2004 sales down 21% from 1999 peak
  • TV:Network TVs audience share down by 1/3 since 1985
  • Radio:Listener-ship at lowest level in 25 years
  • Newspapers:Circulation declining
  • Magazines:Circulation peaked in 2000; now at 1994 levels

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