Two India existing as One

Resurgent India is being strongly divided into two faces. There are various ways to put it–rural vs. urban, literate vs. illiterate, rich vs. poor, malnutritioned vs. obese, haves vs. have-nots, etc. Each category beckons other. The two faces co-exist with one face wishing that the other would just go away, unmindful of the fact that the social fabric has been stitched that way. India’s burgeoning population of skilled and unskilled labor is the very thing, which is putting it to advantage. Western world is ready to outsource anything involving human labor at the drop of a coin. The very reason that the Indian steel industry majors can think of doubling the output of finished steel from 36 million tonnes is because of cheap labor ( In fact labor never comes to the mind while planning, as it is abundantly available!). Think about the same in United States–most of the large-scale mining and industrial units are on the path of thin margins because of expensive labor.
One face is occupying the springing malls, clean offices, and housing units–The other living in slums, working in dastardly conditions earning just the minimum wage. Take this:

  • India still has the world

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