IT Outsourcing to India: Late show with Conan O’Brien on NBC

The Late Night show with Conan O’Brien aired a hilarious comedy piece on outsourcing. The comedy was aired on 23rd Sept. 2004. Andy Blitz — one of the writers at NBC, after facing a computer problem decides to fly to India and visits their IT support centre in Hyderabad. Along the way he plays cricket, meet goats, gets honked, rides bullock-carts and gets a fling on the support lady Sharon.

Here are my two favorite shots from the clip:

I had to empty my bladder mid-way in order to continue watching the ~8 minute clip.

Anybody having sufficient band-width? (read, non-cheapo hosting) Ask me for the media file, if you want to host it.

Presenting the story in pictures…

Conan introduces Andy Blitz

Andy Blitz’s mug!

Andy calls the NBC support center. His problem — too many pop-ups on his PC.

“A lot of pop-ups!”

Andy offers to bring his PC to the support center — Sharon is in India!

Flying to India

Rajiv Gandhi Terminal — International airport at Hyderabad

Andy lugging his CPU and the monitor!

Asking people on the steet for directions to the NBC call center!


At the cross roads of Charminar

Talks to strangers from an auto-rickshaw

CPU on the head

Local girls

Plays cricket using the CPU as the wicket

Asks the driver whether he has used the Internet and can he block pop ups

Woo hoo! Here is Sharon. This was the lady on the phone

Sharon recieves a call from an NBC staff. The lady is unable to access her e-mails.

Andy offers to help

Resolves the problem

Happy moments

Ready to go back. Everybody watches as Andy is dancing on the table.

Andy sings the closing song

song continues…

song continues…

song continues…

song continues…

song continues…

song continues…

song continues…

song continues…

End of pop-ups! The PC is in the pool.

…Thanks to ‘Snatch It’ for watermarking the images for free.

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