Google Messenger Take Two: Is Mumbai-based company prototyping it?

Previous entry on the Google Messenger was speculative. I have found several links from other b l o g s that are talking about Google Messenger. Also, the domain ‘gMessenger’ has been registered by an annymous person.
Noteworthy is the report that Google Messenger is being prototyped by Geodesic Systems in India. Read the first comment here. Not sure, if Geodesic is being referred here.
Google and Geodesic may have forged a partnership but there are no reports confirming this in the media. Consider this–Ram Shriram is on the board of Google and was an early investor. Geodesic has Rakesh Mathur on their board. Ram Shriram was the President of Junglee (acquired by Amazon in 1998) which had Rakesh Mathur as the CEO. More truth?

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