Built to Flip

In the yester years, companies were built to last — carried over from founder to son to his grandchildren and further with astute loyalty and sense of possession. Most of these companies were privately held, then as times changed they became public but the founders still held the reins.
Built to Last. Not a very popular idea any more. Business 2.0 brings back the topic of “Built to Flip” where serial entrepreneurs and first timers take the idea to the masses with a single goal in mind. They are able to find a niche and make a play on that. I remember reading a similar cover story in Fast Company magazine few years ago, when 12-18 months was the maximum runway for most investors/founders. An interesting quote from the Fast Company article — “Come back with an idea that you can do quickly and that you can take public or get acquired within 12 to 18 months”.
All you need is a niche idea, some determination and a sabbatical.

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