J2SE5: Getting ready for the Tiger (Part I)

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) version 1.5 (“Tiger”) is the next major revision to the Java platform and language; it is currently slated to contain 15 component JSRs with nearly 100 other significant updates developed through the Java Community Process (JCP).
New features:

  • Metadata–Annotation along side the classes, metadata within a class to generate helper files, documentation, deployment descriptors and even java code!
  • Generic Types– The Collection API can now hold non-Object objects.Anybody remembers templates in MFC?
  • Autoboxing and Auto-Unboxing of Primitive Types–Automatic conversion of primitive types to their object counterparts. Less coding!
  • Enumerated Types–public enum Fruit { mango, apple, orange }; 🙂
  • Static Import–Import static constants without inheriting

Rest of the features in Part II of this entry.

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