RAX (Random Access XML) Processor

RAX provides direct access to the data your application needs with near-zero parsing and other processing overhead. You identify the data you need through a set of XPaths and RAX indices into the source document for each matched XPath node. The processing that accomplishes this is done by Tarari’s RAX Content Processor, a device which snaps into the server or appliance’s standard PCI slot. Not only is the Tarari XML hardware much faster than software, but it also leaves the CPU free for other tasks. Your XML application can use the XPath node results directly or further traverse the document using the XPath indices as short-cut access points.
As quoted on Tarari’s website–Tarari’s XML Content Processor is the first “soft silicon” solution to dramatically reduce the cost of developing, deploying and reconfiguring XML and Web Services solutions. Based on standard hardware (PCI) and software interfaces, the XML Content Processor features optimized parallel searches and algorithmic acceleration for deep-content analysis on any part of an XML document.

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