What is the tag cloud on your blog, Mr. Entrepreneur?

“Startup”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Venture Capital”, “Social Media”, “twitter”, “Facebook”. All the wrong kind of tags are mightily sized on the blog of an entrepreneur who is not building a product around these tags.

An entrepreneur’s job is to build a product, do sales/marketing, evangelize the same and acquire customers! Simple. However, most of the times the evangelism is around entrepreneurship, startup culture, raising money, etc. Instead, the talk should be around the code you write, the product development you do, the travel to the customers and the mechanics surrounding the business.

Either the tags are incorrect or the right kind of evangelism is missing.

So, if you are a startup entrepreneur, don’t talk about startups, entrepreneurship, but talk about product, technology, sales/marketing, user experience, how you scale, how you fix bugs, how you prioritize your tasks, your hardware/software architecture, etc. Those should be the mightiest tags in the tag cloud. The former is implied. It is okay to talk about and evangelize things un-related to your business — but that should be 20% of the chatter.

Here are three tag clouds from the blogs of entrepreneurs who I know for sure are working in areas unrelated to the tag sizes. Guess what is what:

Social Media

Do this little test:

  1. Go to a tag cloud generator like wordle/tagcrowd
  2. Point it to your feed
  3. Analyze the results
  4. What are the dominating words? If the words related to your technology, product, domain are not dominating the tag cloud, then you need to rethink
  5. If you are good in step #4 then analyze your competition’s tag cloud — if they are caught napping, then you are doing your job well.

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  • Agree and disagree..
    Startup blog has two main reasons to exist
    1. Create thought leadership in the space
    2. Connect with people/potential employees/bloggers/Media.

    What you mentioned here is true for the first point, but look at some of the best co. blogs (Zoho?) and you will find a balanced mix of the two strategy.

    • indus

      If the blog is about the startup ecosystem, then it could be well-balanced. However, even then the dominating bits could be one of the chosen viz. gyaan, funding news, venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, etc. depending on what the owner of the blog wants to give to the readers.

      On the other side, if someone is a co-founder/CTO of an organization, then majority of talk about “startups” etc is unfounded. I would rather see the CTO talk about the mechanics building the technology rather than the business of startups/entrepreneurship/funding/etc.

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  • Well said Indus. The difference between hooking onto a frenzy and creating a frenzy about what you do.

    • indus

      Well said!

  • True!

  • Nice one Indus. Assuming a person is blogging about the things he/she is doing/upto (some might not blog about it) a tag cloud is a fair indicator of where you are and where you might land up.

    BTW: Whose screenshots are those?

    • indus

      Yup. Where one is, what he is doing & where one wants to be.

      Screen shots? Let's keep it under wraps! Two of the guys are dear to me..gave them private feedback as well 🙂

  • How about having a personal blog and a separate product blog. In fact for Muziboo we have a product blog (http://blog.muziboo.com) and a separate devblog (http://devblog.muziboo.com)

    I like keeping my personal blog about things that I care as an individual (could be related to entrepreneurship, funding or just gadgets that I buy)